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Abortion Clinic for Women A licensed clinic for women’s reproductive health, Treasure Women’s Clinic offers Surgical Abortions for pregnancies longer than 13 weeks as well as medicinal abortions for pregnancies in the first trimester. An experienced medical nurse who performs our safe abortion procedures will make sure that you are properly educated prior to having an abortion.

Pain Free Medical Abortion

We provide safe medical abortion beginning with the first pregnancy.

Women with pregnancies that are above two weeks and up to twelve weeks may have a safe medical abortion.

Health care services with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive issues, including safe abortion procedures Our medical team has expertise and training in offering pain-free abortions. We can assist if you are unsure about your choice and would want to talk about your pregnancy alternatives. Speak with the medical team and a birth control specialist by calling the Women’s Clinic. During your visit, you will also speak with our medical professionals to verify that you are comfortable with your choice.

Safe Abortion Clinic: We are Here to Help You!

In order to end a pregnancy, a woman can either use Abortion pills or schedule a Surgical abortion, if she has progressed past the point at which a medical abortion is advised, depending on her prior medical history and the number of weeks she is pregnant.

Medically approved abortion pills
Contrary to Surgical abortion Clinic methods, which need a trip to our abortion clinic, Treasure women successfully end unwanted pregnancies with abortion tablets. They found this method to be safe, fast, and more private.

The two kinds of abortion pills used during the procedure, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, are deemed safe and may end a pregnancy in 4 hours. Medication abortion has been practised for decades around the globe.

Abortion After Care

Your speedy recovery after any Abortion Clinic surgery depends heavily on getting adequate sleep and maintaining good cleanliness. In order to ensure that you are recovering correctly and showing no indications of infection, the clinic can ask you to return for a follow-up appointment with your doctor.

After having an abortion, if you begin to have conflicted feelings, contact the Treasure Women’s clinic right away. A nurse is always accessible to talk to you. Please be alert for the following indicators as well.

more than three pads in a row becoming wet.
if you start to sweat a lot and have a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees.
if the smell coming from your vagina is unpleasant.
If you have depression or suicidal thoughts because of what you did.

Same Day Abortion Pills Delivery

Additionally, you may use our Telemedicine option to obtain medically authorized abortion pills from Twc and perform the procedure in the comfort of your home while being monitored by a doctor through WhatsApp.

Your package will be discreetly sent the same day and include abortion pills, antibiotics to prevent infections, and use instructions.

Get to know more About Abortion Pills: All The Information You Need

It’s crucial to be aware of the alternatives accessible to people who may require one since abortion is a delicate and sometimes contentious subject.

Caring Medical Staff

Treasure Women’s Clinic

Schedule your visit through email, phone, or text message. Appointments are often available the same or next business day. Abortion Clinic Services

In order to make your abortion as pleasant as possible, our medical team and nurses will assist. You’ll be given numbing and painkilling drugs to lessen the pain, and you could be sedated.

After an abortion, you could have a little cramping. Although you should certainly take it easy for a little time thereafter, most folks are back to normal the next day.

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